Motorcycle Accidents

If you were recently in a motorcycle accident and were injured, you may have a number of questions. Questions such as:

  • How soon can I return to work?
  • How will I be able to pay my bills while I am hurt?
  • How bad are my injuries?
  • How long will my injuries from the wreck take to heal?
  • Will there be permanent damage?
  • What happened at the accident?
  • Who caused the motorcycle accident?
  • What type of motorcycle accident insurance coverage is available?

Victims of motorcycle accidents often wonder how they will cope with the aftermath of a serious motorcycle accident. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney at 317-255-1221 to discuss the options available with a free consultation today.

Motorcycle Accidents

Indiana Motorcycle Statistics

Here are some Indiana motorcycle accident statistics:

  • 2%of all traffic accidents in the state involve motorcycles
  • 13% of traffic fatalities involve motorcycle riders
  • There were only 100 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2016
  • In 2018, 1,930 motorcyclists sustained non-fatal injuries during collisions

Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

An Attorney Can Help Establishing Liability

Insurance companies often try to deny responsibility by claiming that the victim was responsible for the accident. Motorcycle injury attorneys have the knowledge and resources to conduct their investigations, which they can use to prove what happened. Based on their evidence, your lawyer can often compel an insurance company to make a fair settlement offer, even if they’d previously denied your claim.

An Attorney Can Help with Calculating Damages

After a motorcycle accident, an insurance adjuster may attempt to contact you with a low initial offer as compensation for the accident that may not even cover your medical expenses. An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer will have the expertise to calculate what is a fair settlement that includes:

  • All of your damages
  • Future medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Lawyers Negotiate with Insurers

Often, insurance companies refuse to negotiate with victims without an accident attorney. Fortunately, a motorcycle injury attorney can help you leverage the threat of an expensive lawsuit to bring the insurance company back to the negotiating table to get you the compensation you deserve for your accident

Indiana Motorcycle Statistics

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Collect Any Evidence

Unless you have been badly hurt, take the time to take pictures of your motorcycle and the other vehicle. Also, you can keep a record of any additional road conditions that might have contributed to your crash. Photos of your injuries both before and after you receive medical treatment will also be compelling evidence in your case. Your motorcycle accident attorney will also need the names and contact information of anyone who saw what happened in the accident.

Go See a Doctor Immediately

While your adrenaline can mask the symptoms of some injuries, others may not show up for hours up to weeks after the incident occurred. Even if you don’t believe that you have been hurt seriously. GO SEE, A DOCTOR! If the insurance company denies liability, you will have a medical record so you can prove that your injuries are linked to the accident.

Don’t Speak to the Other Driver

Any formal OR informal statements you make when you speak with an adjuster can be held against you later if the case were to go to trial. To avoid making mistakes that can limit your ability to file a claim, it’s best to avoid speaking to the other parties at all beyond exchanging customary insurance information.

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It is no secret that generally insurance companies have plenty of tactics attempting to minimize the payout on valid accident claims, so speak to a skilled personal injury attorney before talking to the claim’s adjuster. A motorcycle accident attorney will have the legal expertise and resources to help you prove liability, negotiate with adjusters, and take the motorcycle accident insurer to court, in some instances.